References for Robert wedderburn article

I have no idea who may one day find the RW piece – I hope the serendipity  that led me to him via Inveresk Lodge might bring someone else  to him this way.. So I have put down academic references here as well as the links in the article.

In truth its a great opportunity to display some  of his rhetorical style.

(page references refer to  McCalman, Ian  ed, 1991,  The Horrors of Slavery and Other Writings, )

(1) Truth Self Supported ; A Refutation of Certain Doctrinal Errors (1802) (p66)

(2) The Horrors Of Slavery (1824) (p60)

(4) The Axe Laid to the Root or A Fatal Blow to Oppressors ; Being An Address to the Planters and Negroes of the Island of Jamaica , No 1 (1817) (p82)

(7) Axe Laid to the Root, No 1(p83) (8) The Axe Laid to the Root , No2, (1817), (p89)

(9) Cast Iron Parsons or Hints to the Public and the Legislature on Political Economy (1820) (p150)

(12) Cast Iron Parsons (op cit) (p151)

(17) The Horrors of Slavery (op cit) (p58-9).

Other sources referred to ( and linked to ) in the text  ( I’ve left out the publishers – this isn’t a university essay)

(6)Morris, Michael (2011) Robert Wedderburn ; Race,Religion and Revolution , International Socialism, 132.

(10)Rediker, Marcus and Linebaugh, Peter   (2001) The Many headed Hydra; Sailors , Slaves and Commoners, and the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic

(8) Said, Edward ( 1994) ‘Jane Austen and Empire’ in Culture and Imperialism

(13) Hochschild , Adam (2005) Bury the Chains – The British Struggle to Abolish Slavery, p347. At two forums I’ve been at historians from the Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies have suggested the per capita figure for Scotland would be much higher than this- can’t find a citation though..

(14) Morris, op cit.

(15)I thought I d come up with this myself – and then read this

nations and peoples are largely the stories they feed themselves. If they tell themselves stories that are lies they will suffer the future consequences of those lies . If they tell themselves stories that face their own truths they will free their history for future flowering

It’s by Ben Okri, Birds of Heaven(1995)  and is quoted both by James Robertson in Joseph Knight (2003), his excellent novel about Scotland’s slaving past, and by Michael Morris  in Scotland and the Carribean , c1740- 1835  (forthcoming, 2015,Routledge. Atlantic Archipelagos)

(16)Rice , Alan (2010) Creating Memorials, Building Identities; The Politics of Memory in  the Black Atlantic

(18) Henderson, Hamish (1960) Freedom Come All Ye

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