The Chimneys – RIP


So along with the rest of East Lothian I watched the chimneys of Cockenzie power station fall last weekend.

From the seawall at Musselburgh Lagoons ( built out of the waste that poured out of the station) the collapse was graceful and dignified , and the clouds of dust and rubble quickly tidied into neat piles. Would life ever be the same again ? It quickly was ..

My sentiments have now attached themselves to the stub of turbine hall that still occupies the site. I am not alone in feeling this has now grown bigger..  I have the anxiety that one day I will look in the direction of the Forth and it will be gone too – without prior announcement.

I have been rather surprised to hear a couple of public speakers at anti-climate change events celebrate the demolition.  I understand that smelly, polluting non-renewable behemoths are not useful in the fight against global warming, but..

But psychologically change is always unsettling and it needs a positive  to encourage us we are moving towards  something and the gap about what  happens to the gap site does not give us that .

I read an article about the chimney demolition which captures this unease, and enclose a photo of our own small memorial to the concrete giants which are gone.