Basho covers the Pollok game

 Due to staff cutbacks the Non League Review assigns 17th century Japanese poet and developer of haiku , Matsui Basho , to cover the Scottish Junior Cup fifth round tie between Bonnyrigg Rose and Pollok Juniors at New Dundas Park…

Cherries in snow on Douglas Road/, I walk to the ground./ Only match surviving the winter storms

Red an black an white/, searches for coherence,/  in physical geometry ( on a heavy pitch)

A tale of two number tens. /Rose’s picks his passes/  – Pollok’s runs down cul de sacs.

Neat poach as Winters/ finds a yard of space/ to meet the second ball. 1-0

A close shave as /deft flick slides past the stanchion./ Bonnyrigg carry an aerial threat.

Crowd noise lulls and another block /sends the ball looping into /the leylandii and out of the park.

Once again the aerial threat/ but the big keeper gets down/ quickly to his left and clear

Still the crosses rain in /each scrambled clearance /more desperate than the last

Teenage choir hoarse – off key./ Sleet falls lightly on/ Gore valley and hills beyond.

Half time  -Rose ten/ aims disconsolate sclaff/ at the dead ball , misses

But the officials remain rooted to the spot considering further action.

‘Winning raffle tickets./ Orange 361 and 365./ Yellow 243 and 285, Brown 460.’

Rose break the offside trap./ ‘That wis they’re best chance.’/ ‘Why did he no shoot?’

The brashest of the young team/ has climbed the hoarding. /Briefly he perches  -giant grey dove in shell suit.

Beyond the touchline /a ribbon of  cleared snow/ runs – unsteady like surf spume

A heavy challenge /leaves Pollok player down./ ‘Get up ya fanny’, rings out.

Pollok ten loops free / up and over the wall./ Keeper spills and big back nets the rebound.

A quick break from pressure./ Centre set free on the left /.Another clinical finish for 3- 0.

The exodus starts then./ Centre half meets a corner./ Sweet volley  – goal of season contender.

Sleet now becomes snow. /Pollok on break again /. another sub finds the net.

Snow fall is now general , all over Midlothian./My fingers chilled I can tap no more.

Bonnyrigg 0 Pollok 5. /No disgrace to lose/ to this lot on their A game.index