About this blog

I have recently discovered I am a writer and psychogeographer. This has come out of the process of finding the temerity to share what I have done most of my life in one form or other.  Some people have been kind enough to encourage me to do more of it and there are possibilities these things will happen – and if so I will link to them..

What has brought me to blogging is that I am aware that everything I have written so far has had a context around it.. Some of these are personal – why was I there feeling like that, others are about the place or thing I am looking at.. I want to honour these sources and encourage others to seek them out

I also want to encourage others who may be inclined to write in this way – the final spur to open a blog was a sense that I have often failed to connect , and while I accept that as an existential truth, it is also important to me to continue to make the effort. Writing in this way makes a form of connection for me with my world and leaves a trace. I d like that trace to be a ripple and I’d like other people beginning modestly to feel they can do the same.

And if you leave me a comment it will probably encourage me – of course that may not be a good idea..

3 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. I still have a stack of letters you wrote in the 80s and 90s up in the loft somewhere. I always enjoyed them and valued the different perspectives you had, both on ordinary and extraordinary things, so please do keep writing.


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